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January 15, 2003

Truly a fixture on the Plaza de Quiroga in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, the one and only Enedina can be found with her wares daily, enjoying the view of life passing by on the sidewalk. One would never know from this solemn photo, but she is one of the most jolly and joyful folk artists in Mexico, and a philosopher as well. After raising 14 children, she can say and do as she pleases! Tocuaro, only minutes away on Lake Pátzcuaro, is home to Enedina and other well-known mask carvers.

Having won so many awards for her intricately carved masks and sweet saints, she laughs and says that she just adds the latest certificate to the pile under her mattress. At 69 years old, she carves, embroiders and sells every day in her self-appointed spot on the plaza sidewalk. And let me state that Doña Enedina's sales skills are equal to her artistry in carving!


By Debra Hall
ZOCALO Fine Folk Art
San Miguel de Allende