It's about the search for the unknown and unexpected. The casa "sin numero", the smiles of the children first learning the way of the clay, the forgotten maestro working humbly alone, and the treasures hidden under the bed where six have slept. This is our quest as passionate folk art collectors in Mexico.

Rick first came to Mexico 38 years ago by car, and has been returning ever since. I married into the obsession (yes, it IS an obsession!) and quickly became as eager to discover new artisans and villages, regardless how remote.

As our collection and obsession grew along with the many friendships over the years…it was evident that a store was in our future. The "first" zócalo opened in Houston in 1998. But with time, our hearts truly ached to be in Mexico full-time. zócalo San Miguel de Allende opened in July 2001, and it wasn't long before we closed the Houston store, sold our house, and began our life's dream of living in Colonial Mexico.

We were so nervous the day the San Miguel store opened, I thought I was going to pass out! But with the Padre's blessing of the store, and Lola and Felipe Linares by our sides, we flung open the doors and have never looked back.

In San Miguel, some call us "the pineapple store", or "the place with the great candles". But thankfully, zócalo fine folk art & furniture has become a well-known destination, and is enthusiastically supported by the local San Miguel community, both ex-pat and Mexican.

It is our pleasure to frequently hear, "This is the best store in San Miguel!". As collectors selling Mexican folk art IN Mexico, no words could be sweeter!
L to R, Evita Avery-La Calaca Artesania, Hank Lee-San Angel Folk Art, and Rick & Deb Hall-ZOCALO San Miguel…on the streets of Ocumicho.

Rick Hall loves all things Mexican, and began collecting folk art at the age of five.
Debra Hall continues chronicling the details of artisan's lives and traditions via Postcards From Mexico.
Together, The Halls personally select each item in the store with an evolved eye gained through years of folk art collecting. Their personal collection has been photographed for numerous articles and books, and they have organized museum shows and exhibitions in conjunction with Conaculta and INAH. Rick and Debra Hall divide their time between San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and Pátzcuaro, Michoacán…when they are not on "the quest for more folk art", that is.