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Ride along in the back seat, peak over our shoulder & eavesdrop on conversations as we travel to remote villages visiting Mexico's best-known artisans in their homes & workshops. Come experience the dances, ceremonies and ancient traditions thriving today via Postcards From Mexico!

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March 2008
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At every Folk Art Concurso, there's a rush to see who won, and an even bigger rush to purchase top prize winners.  But what does it all mean a year from now?  Or ten years from now?  Here's one take.

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More About Folk Art Concursos—Papelitos and Wonderful Memories
February 2008
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Concursosjuried Mexican folk art showsgenerate a great deal of attention, excitement, and yes, even controversy.  But what happens once the entries have been submitted and the judging begins?

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Mexican Folk Art Concursos
Shedding Light on a Hidden Process
January 2008
Postcard from Mexico
"Trendsetters" is a description not typically used when describing staunch guardians of the Purhépecha culture.  But in the case of Nicolas Fabian and his wife, Rosario, of Santa Fe de la Laguna, the description is completely accurate.

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Innovators of Traditions
November 2007
Postcard from Mexico
In a word, Sunday at the Fiestas of San Miguel is SPECTACULAR!  This photo-filled Postcard is a "can't miss" feast for the eyes.  Join the parade, visit our local "feria", and finally venture into the Jardín for the dramatic night time finale.  VIVA SAN MIGUEL! 

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Sunday at The Fiestas of San Miguel, Part II
October 2007
Postcard from Mexico
  This year's Fiestas of San Miguel were the best ever.  Although September has past, the images, experiences and moments of this regional fiesta linger on.  Join the fun and plan to attend next September!

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The Fiestas of San Miguel de Allende!
September 2007
Postcard from Mexico
Postcards from Mexico returns with a bang! 

Join us for a fireworks extravaganza beyond compare in the remote village of San Juan Nuevo.

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The Art of Fire, Ephemeral Folk Art at its Best in San Juan Nuevo

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And more

Artisans & Their Stories, Through the Years—
by Deb Hall

Hilario Alejos Madrigal,  Pineapples & Ceramic Figures

Alvaro de la Cruz, Maestro de la Tierra, Las Catrinas

The Naïve Pottery Unique to Consuelo Rendón

The Inimitable Enedina Maestra of Mascara

Consuelo Rendón Revisited in 2004 A Life Transformed

Manuel Jeronimo ReyesDay of the Dead Ceramics, Negro Brilliante

Elena Felipe & Bernardina RiveraThe Tower of Ollas

Tiburcio Soteno, Genius in Clay

The Miniature World of Juan Hernandez Arzaluz

Ascencíon and Maximiliano, Catrinas from our Old Amigos
Saulo MorenoElusive and Most Unique Antonio de la Cruz, Depicting the History of Mexico, En Calavera
Carlos de la Cruz, Slender Divas En Calavera David Mecalco, Imagery and Artifacts Found and Combined
Farewell to the Carretones Glass Factory PULQUE JARSby maestro,
Don Lazaro
Emilio Molinero Hurtado
Ancestral Evidence from the Earth Inspires a Life's Work…
The Graceful Cocucha Pots of Cocucho, Michoacán
The Copper of Santa Clara del Cobre Pedro Ruiz Martínez - The Finest Painted Ollas
The Velas of Michoacán Ofelia Gamez Timoteo, Clay as Rich as Chocolate!
The Magical Masks Of Ocumicho 9/11 through the Eyes and Art of Tomasa Gonzalez, Ocumicho, Michoacán

Serapio Medrano, Still Crazy (about clay) After All These Years! Papel Picados by Sergio Hernández. Paper plus Skill equals ARTE!
Neftalí Ayungua Suaréz, Maestro de las Calabasas Cerámica The Always Distinctive Cazuela of Metepec, Señor Roberto Castillo continues the Famous Tradition
Fidel Avalos Espinosa Merging all the art forms of Capula into fine, decorative platters
RAMON ALVAREZ LOPEZ, The Art of the Cazuela is integral to all things POBLANO
Ignacio Peralta Soledad, Ritual Clay Objects for Holy Holidays Discovering Indigenous Lead Free Pottery
Ritual Clay for Healing; Don Dario and Doña Felipa Mexican Vintage Glassware
perfectly conveys a nostalgia for "Old Mexico"

The Tree of Life in the Great Flores Tradition The Metepec Workshop of

And more colorful stories here—
Fiestas, Traditions & Special Places of Interest

By Deb Hall

DAY OF THE DEAD: Part I, About Town and the Market Day of the Dead 2002, Part II
The (exceptional) Annual Home Tour…Pátzcuaro Style
Homage to Nature and Faith, A Nacimiento in Every Casa Night of the Altars, San Miguel de Allende
Palm Sunday - San Miguel de Allende The Dance of El Negrito de la Pastorela, New Year's Day, Ocumicho-style
The Procession to San Miguel de Allende Tzintzuntzan
Hector's Cottage MOJIGANGAS, A true art form in the tradition of CARTONERIA
Lago de Camécuaro, Michoacán The Fiesta Takes to the Streets on January 2nd in Ocumicho

Casa de la Torre
The Trial of Christ Semana Santa, When Faith Becomes Visual
The Fiesta of San Isidro The National Park in Uruapan~
A Stroll Through the Centuries…
The Burning of JUDAS Figures
A Proper "Día de los Muertos" Altar
CHILES EN NOGADA Uruapan, The Parade of Villages
Uruapan, About Town
During El Tianguis