Don Lazaro has passed away and his clay work is sadly no longer available.


by maestro, Don Lazaro
Metepec, Estado de México

January 7, 2003


Señor Lazaro is the oldest, and best-known of the jarra makers in Metepec. The molds and techniques were passed on to him from his father, ensuring the authenticity of style for generations. The jarras are not sold by dimensions, but by liters…as they are truly made to transport pulque. One style stands almost three feet tall, meant for a truly drunken fiesta.

Lazaro Martinez in his Metepec workshop.
He is 79 years of age & has been making pulque jars for 60 years.
The pulque jars come in four sizes and four styles.
To the right, jarras await packing in Lazaro's taller.

At 79 years old, the work is slow and only by order but so worth the wait. Lazaro's enthusiasm for his life's work has not diminished one bit, and there is always a sparkle in his eye as he proudly shows us the completed wares. Only after we have admire his craftsmanship, discuss his health, the weather, and the fineness of each piece will the packing begin.

When in Metepec on Market Day, Mondays, it is a wonderful tradition to enjoy the famous chorizo of the region with a jarra of pulque. While enjoying such a treat, announcements of "que vida bonita" can be heard throughout the mercado. Life is certainly lived with gusto in Metepec, and Lazaro Martinez is one of the best examples of this.

By Debra Hall
ZOCALO Fine Folk Art
San Miguel de Allende, MEXICO
Pátzcuaro, MEXICO