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An ancient tradition evolves into modern art

And you thought you had seen everything available in Mexican Tabletop?
Yes, Talavera Pottery as interpreted by Mexico when brought from Spain is very beautiful, sensual, and lively. But it is from the pre-Hispanic cultures that we are discovering the most interesting and earthy designs for the table.

Imagine Cortez delighting in coffee, tomatoes, squash, chiles, corn and CHOCOLATE for the first time! Now imagine the indigenous pottery traditions that were thriving in Mexico before the Spaniards. These same villages are producing wonderful wares today…and only now producing the oldest designs and forms in 100%, lead free pottery.

ZOCALO Fine Folk Art & Furniture fully supports the artisans who are making the difficult and expensive change to lead free production. Thanks to organizations such as AID TO ARTISANS, GIRA, and FONART, testing, tools and glazes are being provided to Mexico's indigenous families who are the heart and soul of clay works throughout the countryside. This mind shift to lead free is historic in Mexico.

Discover, explore and follow ZOCALO's journey in supporting this new day in Mexican ceramics. We assure you, the journey will be worthwhile and… artistically rewarding! Enchiladas Verdes anyone?

Written by Deb Hall
July 21, 2004
All photos by Deb Hall